Handbagdesigner-Interview: Kaia Peterka

Heute stellen wir euch die Designerin Kaia Peterka und ihr gleichnamiges Handtaschenlabel vor:

Where are you from?
I am originally from Oslo, Norway, but we moved to the US when I was very young.

What is the name of the label?  
The name of the label, Kaia Peterka, is actually my given name.  

What is the idea behind the name?  
My first name is Norwegian and my last name is Czech. (My father is Czech and, after many years abroad, he returned to Prague and lives there now.)  I think my name mirrors the mix in my aesthetic: Scandinavian minimalism and functionalism meets Bohemian eccentricity.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?  
The collection is inspired by art and geometry.  In terms of art, the Abstract Expressionism movement is a great influence on my process, which is very visceral and non-linear.  I also love the Art Deco period for its focus on simple graphic elements.  Color palettes usually are drawn from nature, so travel and landscapes are very important.  Quite a lot of influences I suppose!

Since when do you run your own collection?  
The collection launched in Fall 2006.

How or why did you start designing bags?
My collection was borne out of a desire to fuse art and function.  For me, a bag seems the perfect opportunity to use rare materials, interesting textures and colors while still serving a purpose. By pairing unusual leathers and exotic skins with clean shapes and streamlined construction, we make dramatic designs that are extraordinarily lightweight and spacious and therefore ideal for life on the go. On the emotional side, I’ve always felt that accessories have some transformative power. That may sound ridiculous, but one of my first associations with handbags was a caviar bead evening purse from my grandmother in Norway.  When I carried that purse, it somehow made any night more memorable, glamorous, and fun. That was probably the beginning of my love for handbags.

Do you exhibit on trade fairs?
We prefer to meet with clients by appointment rather than meet en masse, so we often travel to different markets and meet one on one. However, we do occasionally do shows (the last one we participated in was the WSA The Collections show in Las Vegas) and will likely do more in the future. We are particularly interested in doing something in Europe and Asia because it is a new focus for our brand.

What kind of materials do you use in your collection?  
We use Italian leathers, exotic skins, silks and canvas.  We focus on finding materials with character, like hand painted python, hand dyed leathers and patterned silks.

Do you have a website?  
Yes, please visit us!  It is www.KaiaPeterka.com

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