Interview mit Janneke Peters

Mit Janneke Peters habe ich vor Jahren gemeinsam Modedesign studiert. Sie erzählt uns in diesem ausführlichen Interview, wie sie dem Leben als Angestellte Designerin den Rücken gekehrt hat, wo Sie Ihre Inspiration hernimmt und wie sie zu den Handtaschen kam. Frei von jeglichen kommerziellen Druck sind Ihre Stücke eine Hommage an die Lebensfreude und ein Augenschmaus für alle Fans von feminin-kreativen Alltagsbegleitern. Das Handgemachte Taschen nicht zwangslaufig aus Stoff sein müssen beweist Sie in Ihrem spielerischen Umgang mit Leder.
(und übrigens: das ist Janneke selbst auf den Fotos)
Where are you from?
I am from The Netherlands, I live in Arnhem

What is the name of the label?
Janneke Peters Bags & Accessories
What is the idea behind the name? The name of my label is my own name. My character is reflected in my designs: creative, characteristic, authentic, feminine, honest, playful, joyful, loving eye for details. What is the inspiration behind your collection? Inspiration I get from everyday life, looking at people in the street, flea markets, I love vintage bags like the ones my mother and grandmother used to have, art, movies, books, my own imagination and nature. Flowers and plants are a big inspiration for my collection in the broadest sense. Their colours, shapes and names inspire me. All my bags’ names are derived from flower names in Latin. The leather used for making my bags exudes a natural and contemporary look. The leather makes the bag, not the other way around. In other words: I look at the quality and texture of the leather I want to use and try to make a design that emphasizes these. I try to use this principle in all my designs, and as a result I stay inspired and open to new designs. No two bags are the same because of the small differences in materials and colour combinations used for each bag, even if they are the same model. Craftsmanship and attention to details are very important to me. All bags are handmade by me personally.
Since when do you run your own collection?
Since 2009
How or why did you start designing bags?
After having worked as a fashion designer for several women’s wear labels for 6 years a severe burnout made this work impossible for me and forced me to take a step back. During my recovery process I started thinking about my work and future. I realised that going back to a stressful deadline situation was not an option for me. Thinking about which things really made me happy in life in terms of work, designing bags was the first thing that came to mind. Actually, it ‘automatically came out of my hands’, my mind was set on only one thing: sitting behind the sewing machine, making bags. The effect it had on me was like therapy! After a while of experimenting with different materials and techniques, making one bag after another, I decided to specialize in leather craftsmanship and bought an industrial leather sewing machine that barely fits in my house, which for now is also my studio and shop Looking back, this interest in bags wasn’t new, bags and accessories have always played a big role in my life. When I was a little girl I cut leather out of my mothers beautiful leather 70’s boots and made bracelets of it, or I combined the leather pieces with fabric to make little bags. Bags are more than just a product for me, they are emotions you can carry with you in your life and fill them with new ones through life experience. For every occasion there’s a different bag that accompanies you! Now I know that I need to follow my heart, stay true to myself by designing beautiful bags for women who are made happy by carrying them! I love to inspire women to explore their femininity and complete their authentic look with my bags and accessories. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these women in the streets carrying my bags.
Do you exhibit on trade fairs?
Not yet, the brand is fresh and will exhibit on trade fairs in the future. However, I do sell my bags at fashion markets occasionally. The first upcoming date to buy and take a look at Janneke Peters Bags & Accessories will be Sunday, September 12 at the ‘Markt van Morgen’ in Antwerp.

What kind of materials do you use in your collection?
The main material used is leather, often combined with other materials, such as silk or satin, linen and cotton. For example, I use silk and satin for the colourful flower patches which are used on some leather shopping bags or small clutches, but I also use floral shapes cut out of the leather combined with leather, satin or silk to achieve a layered effect. The feel of the leather is important to me. I love the soft, natural feel of cowhide, sheep- and goatskin and the way the leather transforms as time goes by.

Do you have a website?
Yes, please visit or
and stay informed of the latest bags and accessories. Both websites are currently only available in Dutch language.
Is there any message or advice you would give new designers who want to start with his or her own label?
Please stay true to yourself! Not only with regard to the design but also when dealing with the outside world. Stay inspired by everyday life and keep an open mind for new developments and trends you can translate into your designs! In this way your designs stay fresh and contemporary.
Keep in mind that you will have to invest a lot, not only financially but also especially emotionally, however it will pay you back on both fronts! To believe in your product is the most important thing! Have fun doing what you’re doing!

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