Trendreport: Soft Convertibles (urban dynamics)

Heute gibt es einen weiteren Auszug aus unserem Trendbuch BAGSTAGE, welches bis Ende Juli zu einem reduzierten Preis über unseren Onlineshop erhältlich ist.

The revival of the backpack: Chanel, Gucci and Betsy Johnson´s latest catwalk appearance inspired us to design a range of backpack and soft convertible bag shapes. They come in different styles and variations. Since the launch of the famous nylon Prada backpack in 1984, we have not seen such innovative and new backpacks.
The new convertible clutch can open up to a classic tote and is worn with a long adjustable strap across the body. That makes the formerly known party escort, an easy every day life companion. The focus here definitely lies on the practical aspect of the handbag with an unusual fun factor.

Key elements: backpack styles, convertible clutches, long adjustable straps, soft nappa and shiny nylons.

Please note that BAGSTAGE is on SALE until the end of July! Visit our onlineshop!

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