Handbagdesigner-Interview: Chicks and Girlies

Das Label "Chicks and Girlies" wurde Anfang 2010 gegründet. Wir stellen euch das neue Handtaschenlabel aus Kanada heute in unserem Interview vor:

Where are you from?  
I  live in Regina Saskatchewan Canada.

What is the name of the label?
Chicks and Girlies

What is the idea behind the name?
I have triplets daughters... MY girlies!  the Chicks part just kind of came about when we were brain storming the name...sounded kind of Canadian and feminine rolled into one!

What is the inspiration behind your collection?
I Dream of how things are put together and I love how things are created. Each of my designs are one of a kind so I am able to be very creative and innovative in my thinking process ... I never get bored which I think is my inspiration... avoiding boredom!!

Since when do you run your own collection?
I have just started my company "Chicks and Girlies" at the start of 2010...  and I don't really have a collection as every bag is a " one of a kind".

How or why did you start designing bags?
I started a few years ago but life happened and it was put on hold ... until December of 2009, When I decided to try again!  My mom is also a handbag designer and I grew up with it ... It's in my blood so to say!

Do you exhibit on trade fairs?
I have not yet done so but am looking forward to it in the future.

What kind of materials do you use in your collection? 
High Quality Leather for the outside shell and the inside pockets and a variety of  fabrics for the lining.

Do you have a website?

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8. Oktober 2011 um 11:52

Your blog has been very informative and l like the visual examples used, certainly something we will have to discuss with our website designer.

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