Handbagdesigner-Interview: 3rror

3rror ist das Label des rumänischen Designers Dinu Bodiciu. Der Designer lässt sich bei seiner Taschenerstellung von den unterschiedlichen Stoffen, die er verarbeitet, beeinflussen. Das Label wurde vor knapp 2 Jahren gegründet und hat seinen Sitz zurzeit in London. Dinu Bodiciu erzählt uns heute im Interview mehr über sein Leben als Handtaschendesigner: 

Where are you from?
I am a Romanian designer based for the moment in London.

What is the name of the label?
The name of the label under I work is 3RROR. It is my small own brand.

What is the idea behind the name?
I have always been fascinated by the concept of error - an accidental or deliberate deviation, an object or entity which is different from the system, and cannot conform to its laws, but in the same time gives "color" to the whole ensemble. I like to think that every object I create might be perceived as an "error" among other objects of its kind. 

What is the inspiration behind your collection?
I usually draw my inspiration from fabrics I intend to use, therefore almost all of my ideas are coming to life into the fabric stores.

Since when do you run your own collection?
I launched my own collection one year and a half ago.

How or why did you start designing bags?
I wanted to start designing fashionable items and at that moment I didn't have the necessary means to produce garments. At this moment, I am in the process of learning tailoring and pattern making.

Do you exhibit on trade fairs?
I used to do exhibit constantly in Romania. In London for the moment I exhibited at Stour Space a very nice place in East London.

What kind of materials do you use in your collection?
I generally use fabrics, which as I said are the most important point of departure for my works. I like to spend hours in the fabric warehouses touching the fabrics and mixing the colors.

Do you have a website?
My website is: www.dinubodiciu.com. I also like to work into bookbinding and I build up in time a book-portfolio at http://idinu.wordpress.com

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