Trendreport: folk love song (global vintage)

Heute zeigen wir euch einen weiteren Ausschnitt aus unserem Trendbuch BAGSTAGE, welches noch bis Ende Juli zu einem reduzierten Preis über unseren Online-Shop erhältlich ist.

Der Trend „Folk Love Song“ ist durch Bohemian und Folk inspiriert. Dabei werden traditionelle, meist russische Elemente mit Luxuselementen und Rock-Chic kombiniert:

This theme is a luxurious interpretation on the bohemian look.
While it is folk-inspired, and it is bohemian, it is also so much more: It has its roots in traditional folk elements - particularly Russian ones - but it fuses in luxury elements and rock-chic attitude.
Vividness is ensured by striking splashes of colour that are used more frequently than last winter season.

Key elements: Pompons, rhinestones, charm / coin belts, ornamental jewels, gold detailing and ornate trims.

Please note, that BAGSTAGE, our trendbook and design kit for bags and accessories,
is only on sale until the end of July and we have a few copies left!


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