Handbagdesigner-Interview: Xanadu By Keren

Das Label Xanadu steht wunderländliche, exotische Taschen die hauptsächlich aus Leder hergestellt werden.
Die Geschichte zum Hintergrund des amerikanischen Taschenlabels erzählt uns die Designerin Keren heute in unserem Interview:

Where are you from? 
Las Vegas, USA but I live in several countries around the world.

What is the name of the label?
Xanadu By Keren

What is the idea behind the name?
The meaning of the name is wonderland / exotic …. and this is the sense we transfer in our products.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?
Life is inspiration. I am inspired by everything around me.

Since when do you run your own collection?
Since 2004.

How or why did you start designing bags?
When I retired from my previous career it was clear to me that I want to do something else that I love. Immediately I began to develop my career as a shoe and handbag designer. I had the opportunity to go to Italy and to study in the best traditional places for learning that kind of work. I grabbed the opportunity and have been designing ever since.

Do you exhibit on trade fairs?

What kind of materials do you use in your collection?
Top quality of various types of leather. Vinyl. Drills. Satin and Gold accessories.

Do you have a website?  

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