Handbagdesigner-Interview: Liucia Japan

Heute stellen wir euch das kanadische Handtaschenlabel Liucia Japan vor:

Where are you from?
Toronto, Canada

What is the name of the label?
Liucia Japan

What is the idea behind the name?
Liucia is the Kanji character for dragon as my mom was born in the year of the dragon. The second half of Liucia comes from my name. So Liucia is a homage to my mom as she has always inspired and supported me to do what I love.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?
Back to basics with a lot of black and pops of colour like burnt orange. Glamour driven slouchy suedes like the Kapri clutch to edgy pieces like the Kick hobo with plastic studs; it's all about finding what looks good with your own style and personality. The individuality of Oscar Wilde and the Victorian care of the personal very much inspired this collection. Hence, a lot of Victorian inspired cuffs, one off pieces of jewellery and hair pieces - black and elegance dominate.

Since when do you run your own collection?

How or why did you start designing bags?
I actually started with jewellery as I worked in a jewellery company and learned the basics of jewllery making with semi-precious stones and swarovsky. My mom also had a leather and accessories boutique so I remember sourcing Kenneth Cole before it was well-known. We also carried a lot of Italian and Spanish brands. After I left Japan in 2004, I began designing for Liucia Japan.

Do you exhibit on trade fairs? If yes, which one?
Manicolle and World Boutique

What kind of materials do you use in your collection?
Italian suedes, Spanish leathers, I'm loving nappa for its super light weight. The heavy bag with lots of hardware is really over.

Do you have a website?

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28. Dezember 2010 um 05:47

Very elegant, would love to get my hands on one.

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