Handbagdesigner-Interview: Cherry Berry

Heute stellen wir euch Ishan Singh und sein Handtaschenlabel Cherry Berry in einem besonders ausführlichen Interview vor:

What is your name? Ishan Singh 
What is the name of your label? Cherry Berry 
Where are you from? Canada 
Gender: male

What is your professional background? 
My grandfather started working in the fashion industry some 65 years ago for one of the biggest footwear companies of that time. I therefore had the opportunity to be exposed to the world of fashion from a very early age. My parents have been actively involved in
both the clothing and footwear industries as well. It comes as no surprise that fashion has always been second nature in my family. As I grew older, I developed my own unique sense of style – daring to be different. 

Tell us something more about you: 
My philosophy of life: “Difficult takes a day. Impossible takes a week.”


How or why did you start designing bags?
Given my background, I had always wanted to start my own designing label. I attended a several trade shows from various industries and did the necessary homework to better evaluate my possibilities. Yet, the reason I fell into handbags was a product of fortuity. It was a series of events that eventually led to the creation of Cherry Berry – and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?
Anything to everything can serve as an inspiration. Certainly, with a commitment to being at the forefront of style, I ensure the styles are designed with the “in” colors and shapes. Advocating for both the environment and the ethical treatment of animals, only the finest genuine vegan leathers are used for the handbags.

What kind of materials do you use in your collection?
Given our commitment to both the environment and the ethical treatment of animals, we only offer products in vegan leathers. Vegan leather is a material that does not come from animals, nor are any animals harmed in its production. It nevertheless possesses characteristics akin to leather. In particular, the vegan leathers Cherry Berry utilizes greatly resemble traditional high-grade leather. Our genuine vegan leathers possess the same texture as leather; they look and feel like leather. 

Characterize your products:
The Cherry Berry designs are different from the conventional, boring handbags you might find nowadays.
The designs are fashion-forward, the colors are season-specific, and the shapes, too, vary from one season to the next in order to keep up with the current market trends. The bags are exceptionally unique! Yet, the bags remain highly practical and versatile so that women can carry a Cherry Berry handbag on a daily basis or on a special occasion to dress up an outfit. 


When did you start your own label? 2009 
What is the idea behind your label name? The goal is to offer styles that are exceptional and that are more than mere accessories, but nevertheless remain versatile so that they can be used on a daily basis. 
Where do you sell your products? Stores; own online shop; and other online shops 
Do you exhibit on trade fairs? Yes: We do over 50 different trade shows across North America, and are always looking to expand further. Please contact us at info@cherryberry.ca for more information. 

Characterize your customers:
I believe that any strong independent woman who loves to accessorize will also love Cherry Berry. Plus, it’s also a benefit that purchasing a vegan handbag helps the environment and helps reduce your carbon footprint! 

Where do you see you and your label in the future?
I would like to establish Cherry Berry on an international level and have it recognized as a premier handbag brand of the world. 

Do you have a website?  


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