Handbagdesigner-Interview: Seven Hearts

Heute stellen wir euch das Label Seven Hearts vor:

Where are you from?
I am from San Jose, CA USA.

What is the name of the label?
My label is named Seven Hearts.

What is the idea behind the name?
The idea behind the name is it symbolizes my family. My husband, myself and our children.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?
The inspiration behind my collection is classic, timeless and high quality durability.

Since when do you run your own collection?
I have had my collection available since September of 2009.

Do you exhibit on trade fairs?
I have not paticipated in any trade fairs at this time but am looking into it for the future.

What kind of materials do you use in your collection?
I use primarily leather in my collection along with Satin for the flowers that I create. I also mix in some upholstery fabric on some of the purses.

Do you have a website?
I do have a website, it is www.seven-hearts.com

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