Lady Gaga: Hermes Birkin Bag

Lady Gaga zeigte am Sonntag in London nicht nur ihre außergewöhnlichen Schuhe, sondern auch diese auffällige, mit Nieten besetzte Hermes Birkin Bag.
41061, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Sunday May 30 2010. Lady Gaga teeters out of a north London studio on some heel-less platforms after taping a live web interview. Carrying a stunning studded Hermes Birkin bag, the Alejandro singer took a while to negotiate her way to her car in her funky footwear. The eclectic singer has reportedly asked her team to carry out spirit seeking sweeps of venues on her current tour. The 23-year-old singer will apparently have London's O2 arena checked for spiritis ahead of her gig at the venue Sunday evening. Photograph: Jesal Parshotam,

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