Handbagdesigner-Interview: Elspeth New York

Die Designerin Elizabeth Philips erzählt uns heute in unserem Interview ausführlich die Hintergründe zu ihrem Handtaschenlabel Elspeth NY:

~Where are you from?
E:  New York, NY

~What is the name of the label?
E:  Elspeth New York

~What is the idea behind the name?
E:  Elspeth is a nickname of mine given to me when I was younger.  It always stuck with me the older I got.

~What is the inspiration behind your collection?
E:  My main source of inspiration are the materials that I find.  I look all over for different and interesting colors and textures, I can feel a skin of leather and I know exactly how I want the bag to look.  Also being on the streets of New York is a big inspiration, there are so many different women out there and they wear so many different styles.  I try to create all different styles to fit in with the everyday city girl.

~Since when do you run your own collection?
E:  This August will make it our 5th year anniversary, since 2005, I am so proud to have started off as a little independent designer and slowly grow into a creator.

~How or why did you start designing bags?
E:  I have been working in New York's Fashon industry for 9 years designing for a lot of different companies.  A lot of companies like to take top designer styles and try to make them their own.  Working like this I was not able to use my full creative capabilities, I decided to go out and create my own line.  There are a lot of women out there that are not stuck on labels names and actually love accessories for the beauty and quality of it all.    I love listening to my customers and what they want and look for in a handbag.  I have so many ideas that I can not seem to make enough time in the day to get them all down.  I enjoy designing for the everyday women, that is who I am.

~Do you exhibit on trade fairs?
E:  Yes, I have been apart of such shows as; Coterie (New York), Pool (Las Vegas), Magic (Las Vegas), & Traffic (Miami).

~What kind of materials do you use in your collection?
E:  Every season I like to use different materials.  Past seasons I have been known to use; Calf leather, Suede, Distressed Lambskin.  My latest collection I used Pebble leather along with Glazed Ostrich and exotic Anaconda skins.  Every season there is something new that I am attracted to, it changes all the time.  For my next collection I am focusing on using more eco friendly materials, it is great how there are more and more vendors who are changing their processes to help the environment.  I would love to fully go eco friendly on all my bags one day. 

~Do you have a website?
E:  Yes, check us out at, www.elspethnyc.com

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