Interview mit SD Marvel

Das aus Asien nicht nur Massenware kommt, somdern auch auch hochwertige Designerstücke mit so ausgefallenen Namen wie Mini-Hotdog Romance oder Purple Black Twist, beweist das Label SD Marvel:
Where are you from?
Hong Kong

What is the name of the label?
SD Marvel
What is the idea behind the name?
SD stand for my name "Sydney Dong" and I hope my handbag collection can make everyone who feel marvelous.
What is the inspiration behind your collection?
Warm & love.....the concept like a mother weaves her warmth and love into every blanket and every shirt she makes for her child, and I put the same concept into our collection.
Since when do you run your own collection? End of 2008yr How or why did you start designing bags?
I love the designer handbag "BV" very much and always dreaming of a day I can create a handbag name & can become success like BV. After several business experience in fashion field, I started a company to create my first handbag "SD Marvel" with my wife as my key partner. In 2010, our company was injected by one of a serious investor from Singapore to keep further improvement of all aspect of our handbags no matter in design, sourcing, manufacturing & marketing etc so that we can give our best to our customers all around the world.
Do you exhibit on trade fairs?
If yes, which one? HK - fashion week & fashion access - (coming on Sep 10.) What kind of materials do you use in your collection? Finest cow, calf, sheep, goat leather & smooth nylon etc.
Do you have a website? yes,

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